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Anal Tattoos?


Oh Just Wrong


Ready to Party


Stamos Snugglefest.

Drinking Out of Cups

Thanks Rachel for turning us on to this one. Hilarious.

Jazz Hands

Jazz hands

Is that your Dad?

Thanks Stupid Shit, Just what I needed to see first thing it the morning.

Support the Oatmeal…F*ck the Junk!

My friends at the are being threatened to be sued because, stole their shit, and now they’re crying about it. Check out the article and the FunnyJunk letter on Support the Oatmeal and F*ck the Junk…( I probably will get a letter now from them, but oh well.) Thanks Whiskybitches.

CAT!!! Man,you got a dirty mind…

Say Cheese….

Hokie Pokie

Boneless Girlfriend

Use the mouse to control your new girlfriend.

Well hello there!


I wonder if the used ones cost more?

Hey Big Boy…


Git-R Dun!

50 Bucks, What a steal.

Oh Hells Yea!

Get Some!!!

Just what I need for my bald eagle cookout.

I’m stickin to the crack…

Chuck Norris Kick to the nuts!

Whiskey Caption Contest

I really need a caption for this pic, I am too drunk and stoned to think of anything.

Answer in the comments section, and you can win a free beer.

(Must live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, or passing through.

Must be at the Pagosa Bar after 11:30 pm on a Tuesday, and I got cash in my pocket.)

I think you got somthin’ in your braces…




Sorry Sarah

1983 Hyndai Wagon-687,000 miles. Auto (needs new clutch), bald tires, cracked chassis, blown head gasket, Mariah Carey cassette stuck in CD player. Missing 3rd + 4th gears. Dead rodent somewhere inside. Inspected by Big Head Ted/ Asking $67,500.